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Are you looking for the right salon?


You have made a winning decision by contacting Reflections of You Salon. Our business is to educate and support you in taking your career to the top. We continue to develop top designers through education and consistent training.

How do we achieve this? For starters we are a professional salon trained by inspiring champions. As a member of our team we want you to know you are not alone here; we will be cheering you on and training you to succeed.

Our objective is to provide the support, hope, inspiration and tools needed for your success - versus settling for whatever comes along.

What makes us different?   Ask yourself:

  • Are you where you should be or expected to be by now?

  • Do you receive training in both technical skills and guest experience?

  • Are you receiving training opportunities regularly?

  • Do you have an in-house marketing machine in your current salon?

  • Do you have the materials, methods and scripts to build your business?

  • Do you even know your current numbers for service retail and retention of new guests? If not this could be the very reason why you are not where you should be.

  • Do you have benefits that exceed industry standards?

  • Do you have written scripts to not just sell but educate your guest on the correct retail products?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions consider emailing (resumes encouraged), calling Suzanne at 703.591.5306, or completing our online form. Not just for a job, but for a career opportunity.

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What our team says about Roy Salon Fairfax


"Working for ROY Salon has been the best opportunity I could have ever asked for. In all the years I have been a stylist I have never felt so supported. I have more than tripled my previous income, retail totals and pre-booking percentages. My client base has grown tremendously and I owe it all to the hard work of our team here at ROY. The time and money that Heather and Dave have invested in my growth and success is exponential. I love how active we are in the community, whether it is raising funds for cancer or adopting a family in need during the holiday season. Giving back feels great and it is wonderful to be a part of a team that believes in doing so!"

♥ Rebecca Litalien, Stylist, Certified Colorist 

"I have been with Reflections of You since the day the doors opened. The friendly atmosphere has always been encouraging and motivating which creates a pleasant experience for each guest. We each work to advance and improve our business and technical skills as well as keep an open-communication policy. Newer stylists are encouraged to take advantage of the learning benefits that our senior stylists have to offer. There is so much value in providing great quality work and we as a team truly take pride in that. We like to pass along our knowledge and educate our guests to ensure their loyalty. ROY isn't just work, ROY is home."

♥ Anita Zaatar, Senior Stylist

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