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First Time Hair Color Tips

Balayage 2019

First Time Hair Color

Tips for First Time Hair Color Clients from Reflections of You Hair Salons & W Salon of Northern Va.

Do you want to make a hair color transformation? Are you tired of your natural color or have grey hairs that you want to cover? We understand it can be frustrating when considering coloring your hair, especially for the first time, which is why we want to answer any concerns.

The best hair color salon near you

Fairfax, Burke, Centreville, Clifton, Oakton, Vienna, Reston, Springfield

Which Hair Color Should I Choose for My First Time?

This depends on the reasons that you want to color your hair, for example if you’re covering up grey hair or you want to make a bold color statement. We would recommend that you book in for a complimentary hair color consultation with one of our hair color experts so we can help you to find the hair color which is perfect for you.

The best hair colors at Reflections of You Salons Fairfax Fair Lakes and Burke Va.

I Want a Lighter Hair Color That Looks Natural, What Should I ask for?

If you would rather stay with a more natural-looking blonde hair color, you should ask you for a sun kissed balayage. Balayage is the most popular hair coloring technique around! The balayage is a technique where hair color is hand-painted onto certain sections of the hair, your roots are then “stretched”, with the color gradually brightening towards the ends of your hair. We can also bump your base color or even do a gorgeous shadow root.

Balayage with shadow root

​Want A Distinctive Hair Color – What Colors Are the Best for My Skin tone ?

An increasing number of women are looking to make a bold statement when it comes to their hair color. If you are new to hair color and want to turn heads when you enter a room, why not go all out with a vivid pastel hair color? Multi-colored shades including deep purples, bubble gum pinks and fiery oranges, can be used alone to make a wild statement or mixed to create an individual bright hair color!

Gorgeous Red

Want to Hide Grey Hair, But Not Lose Natural Hair Shade

If you want to keep your natural hair color but want to give it a boost of color; or you have developed some grey hairs that you want to cover up, you could consider adding highlights or lowlights to your hair. With several highly trained color experts in our salons we have the knowledge to find a shade or shades that will enrich your natural hair color and blend away those troublesome greys!

Blonde can help hide the gray.

Go from Dark to Blonde?

Do you want to go lighter and brighter? Perhaps you are planning to change your hair color from brunette to blonde, but this magical transformation isn’t going to happen overnight. It may take two or more hair appointments to achieve your desired blonde as we need to pre-lighten (Bleach) your hair before applying the blonde shade that you wish for.

Beautiful Blondes by Keune Color

Our color specialists will also need to assess the condition of your hair before determining the best way to proceed. But once we have worked our magic, you’ll be happy you made the switch.

Ok So I’ve Colored My Hair – Now What?

Once you’ve had your hair colored for the first time, you’ll want to keep it looking salon perfect for as long as possible! This comes with maintenance to maintain that salon look.

Hair color care starts in the salon during the coloring process itself, where give you the option of adding a special treatment B3 treatment to your hair color to protect the bonds of the hair from damage, leaving it looking healthy and longer lasting. There is also a take-home color safe product available, to keep your hair healthy between salon visits.

Book Your First Hair Color Appointment at one of our 3 locations in Northern Va.

Reflections of You Lee Hwy Fairfax 703.591.5306

Reflections of You Fair Lakes 703.272.8181

W Salon Burke Va. 703.250.0800

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